About Us

Our Introduction

Our team comprise of highly trained and certified staff at the top of their field, which provide a high quality of work and are committed to ensuring that you receive exceptional service.

With the right products and emergency plan in place, you can put safety first and protect your family and employees in time.

Our professional staff have Years of experience and technically trained in keeping facilities safety in all scenarios and ensuring everyone is safe.


Fire Safety Advisory & Compliance Testing

Ensure your workplace is compliance secure.
Fire Extinguishers
Hose Reels
Emergency Lights
Exit and Doors
Pumps & Sprinklers

How often must fire safety equipment be tested?

Our quality control services ensure Australian Standards are met and provide safety to your business. Make your workplace legally compliant.

Fire Extinguishers

Every Six Months

Fire Hydrants

Every Six Months

Smoke Alarms

Yearly Testing

Fire Blankets

Every Six Months

Evacuation Drills and Procedures


Sprinklers & Pumps

Weekly Testing

Hose Reels

Every Six Months

Detection Systems


We Aim to Keep You Safe

We adhere to Australian Standards AS1851 & AS3786-1993 in fire safety and dedicated in assuring our clients are kept fully compliant at all times. Your safety is our top priority.