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At Fire Safety Guy, we offer a range of services, products and advice. Get in touch with us for specific requirements.

Portable Fire Equipment

A primary defence when a fire breaks out are portable fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are manufactured, pressurised and primed in compliance with AS1852-2012 section 10.

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Exit & Emergency Lighting

In cases of emergencies, a way out is one of the first things people look for. Provide people in your building a visible guide to the exit even when power is out.

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Smoke Detectors

From homes to commercial buildings, it is essential to have a working smoke alarm installed and properly maintained in accordance with the Australian Standards 1993 (AS3786-1993). 

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Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems should be any building’s first line of defense against fire as it can help minimize the damage caused by the fire, and alert the fire brigade as soon as they’ve been set off.

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Fire Hydrants

Strategically installed throughout Melbourne, mostly outside buildings, fire hydrants are expected to provide a continuous stream of water from the main pipes to flow straight into a building.

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Fire & Smoke Doors

Possibly one of the most important parts of your office infrastructure is a fire door. Ensure your building comply with the Australian standard which keeps employees safe as well as customers.

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Procedures & Plans

Emergency plans must be an operational response to any crisis and should be prepared for all types of buildings. From an emergency plans fact sheet to evacuation procedures and diagrams, to communicating with…

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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Acting as early warning devices in situations of a fire outbreak, it is imperative to make sure that this is always in good condition and working. Although today’s fire detection and alarm systems are considered “smart”…

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Fire Safety Training

It isn’t enough that the building has a working safety system in cases of fire when no one can implement the procedures effectively. Make sure building occupants know how to…

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Building owners must ensure the safety of the structure by not only ensuring that all equipment and safety plans are effectively installed, but also the maintenance of its safety features.

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Electrical Testing & Tagging

We provide electrical appliance Testing & Tagging to ensure the safety of staff using electrical equipment in the workplace. We provide low cost solutions to our regular clients.

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We Aim to Keep You Safe

We adhere to Australian Standards AS1851 & AS3786-1993 in fire safety and dedicated in assuring our clients are kept fully compliant at all times. Your safety is our top priority.